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I introduce myself....

My Motivation:

The motivation of this article, is a presentation, but I must admit that the spirit of community, led me in some way to write to share, write to learn and share to help, that is, to help someone else.

I am working in this activity, more than 13 years of an insatiable hunger for knowledge and experiences that have given me so much in technology, data and personal aspects of course.
I worked with Business Intelligence architectures, Big Data architectures, Oss and Bss Architectures, different technologies and I learned a lot from all that, even from mistakes.

For about 6 years, I have been venturing into the world of Architecture. World in which I had to transform myself and make things that I never thought I would do technologically. That insatiable hunger for knowledge, I think Architecture transformed it in some way into infinite (Java, Python, Scala, Streaming, Hbase, Hadoop, Networking, structured data, unstructured data, Apache Spark, Apache Hive, Hortonworks, Kafka, data architecture, Enterprise architecture and much more).

community ....


Who Am I?:

My name is Martin and in spite of how funny it may sound, my last name is Gatto, yes ... like the animal (in Spanish) but with a double 't'.

For more than 13 years I have worked in the world of data and technology, I started as a programmer of integration processes and I continued my career with great enthusiasm through everything related to the IT architecture.

During those 13 years, I went through many sectors and roles, working as a developer, technical leader and when I thought there was no more to learn I meet the ARCHITECTURE WORLD and I found in it a totally new and exciting world.

I learned to live with new problems, to think about solutions and the implications that the design of these has. I learned that every day you can think, design and look for new things to discover. The architecture FRAMEWORKS are a real suffering for the Brain and very very disgustings, but extremely valuables.

All that, led me to write this blog... the reason... share, help, write to don´t forget and use this channel to help another people.

Tks :)

Martin Gatto

Martin Gatto

Martin Gatto

IT Architect - Data architect Artesanal beer lover. mail: gatto.martin@gmail.com

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I introduce myself....
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